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Scuola Alta Formazione VIS presents "The Coronavirus Pandemic in the US and the Main Policy Responses to this Health Crisis" (rif.: 418103.15)

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VIS - volontariato internazionale per lo sviluppo

The coronavirus or covid pandemic is the most significant health crisis to affect the world since the Great Influenza or Spanish flu of 1918-20. But it is not just a health crisis. Because the coronavirus is so contagious and so deadly, it has turned into a worldwide economic crisis as countries shut down their economies to protect their citizens, and people decided to stay at home rather than to go outside and spend money. This webinar will look at the coronavirus pandemic experiences, and the policy responses to the pandemic, in the US. It will focus on the economic, health, political and socio-economic consequences of the 2020-21 coronavirus pandemic from the perspective of the US. As different countries have had different experiences, and employed different policies to deal with this health crisis (with different results), we will make comparisons between the US and other developed nations. This webinar will focus on describing The Coronavirus Pandemic in the US and the Main Policy Responses to this Health Crisis (including an analysis of its successes and failures). Steven Pressman and Robert Scott will begin by setting out the history of the coronavirus in the US and comparing the present pandemic to the pandemic of 100 years ago. Then they will discuss the main policy responses, beginning with actions taken by the central bank of the United States (the Federal Reserve). Then we move on to discuss the fiscal policy actions. Three major bills were passed. They were designed to help the US economy and US households - the CARES Act (March 2020), the Consolidated Appropriations Act (December 2020) and the American Rescue Plan (March 2021). The CARES Act contained 3 major programs-- one-time cash payments to individuals, loans (that may get forgiven) to small businesses, and extended unemployment benefits. The Consolidated Appropriations Act extended these benefits into early 2021. The American Rescue Plan extended unemployment benefits and provided additional cash payments to individuals. It also added a new program - expanding the child tax credit, making it into something like European child or family allowance programs. Finally, they will provide some insights into the effectiveness of all these programs - what they accomplished, the problems with the programs, and how these policies could have been better structured and implemented.

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Ente proponente: VIS - volontariato internazionale per lo sviluppo
Ente attuatore: VIS - volontariato internazionale per lo sviluppo
Data inizio formazione: martedì 28 settembre 2021
Data fine formazione: martedì 28 settembre 2021
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