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Genti e Paesi- Associazione culturale

If you are a foreigner in Italy You know it's important to know the Italian language, and know how to use it well. We organize courses for those who live in Italy or are here for a short period, our classes are multicultural and educational staff is trained, graduate, certificate and constantly updated in Italy and abroad.
With us you will gain quick and easy communication strategies and grammar structures, speaking and writing proficiency in Italian language, with the most modern teaching methods, recognized by the University for Foreigners of Siena and Perugia. You are constantly helped, with a mail service and via Skype, the material on witch practice will be fully provided. Standard courses are added to those for obtaining internationally recognized certifications in Italian: CELI, CILS and PLIDA. See you! Ti aspettiamo!

Ente proponente: Genti e Paesi- Associazione culturale
Ente attuatore: Genti e Paesi- Associazione culturale
Sede prevista: VIALE Regina Margherita 192 ROMA ROMA (Sede Roma)
Data inizio formazione: venerdì 22 ottobre 2021
Data fine formazione: venerdì 22 aprile 2022
Durata formazione: 6Mesi
Titolo rilasciato: Attestato di frequenza
Ore previste: 3730
Date del corso: Ven 19:00-20:30
Costo: 280 €


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opportunità valida fino al 20 ottobre 2021